The chart below shows the lower co-pays of the enhanced silver (Cost Sharing Reductions) subsection of the Four  metal levels  (click to view more details on Molina’s Website) plans based on your (MAGI) Modified Adjusted Gross Income (Line 37 1040), number of dependents and percentage of FPL – Federal Poverty Level (click to view chart).

Complementary Quote, details on benefits, subsidy and enhanced silver calculation
73, 87 or 94. 

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2018 Enhanced Silver Benefits
2018 Enhanced Silver Benefits – Click to enlarge

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Please note that while our quote engine says the  Silver Benefits are at the 70% level, but in fact they show the correct co-pays and deductibles.  

Learn more about Deductibles, Co-Pays and the Annual Out of Pocket Maximum.   A lot of people misunderstand and think they have to pay $11,400 before they can collect on anything, that is not correct.

Depending on your income with an Enhanced Silver Cost Sharing Reduction you could  wind up with better coverage than Gold 80 or Platinum 90. As you are getting a better AV – Actuarial Value.  

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2.2 Million are missing out on the extra benefits of the Silver Plans – Learn More⇒ Kaiser Health News 8.21.2015

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7 comments on “Enhanced Silver – Cost Sharing Reductions

  1. My mother-in-law just got her medi-cal card having been here for few years. She currently has no income and does not file taxes.

    I have read that on top of medi-cal, she is better off having a Covered Cal Silver plan.

    I do not quite understand. If she has medi-cal, why does she need another coverage?

    Would be obliged if someone explains the details.

  2. What happens if I qualify and sign up for the enhanced silver plan and receive all of the benefits of said plan. [See above chart]

    However, my income is increased at some point in the year for whatever reason and as a result when I file my taxes I am over the income threshold requiring me to pay some of the excess premium payments back with my taxes.

    Is there a penalty for all of the lower deductibles/copays I was able to utilize under the Enhanced silver plan?

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