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  1. To qualify for 2018 Silver 94 Plan, does your adjusted taxable include have to be between 138% to 150% or does your gross income have to be between 138% to 150% or both?

  2. Hi Steve,

    this is Brenda H again.

    I was wondering if I should contact covered california about my husbands income change or wait untill the end of yr.

    I get premium assistance so how will this affect us if we wait?

    some changes took place after tbe beginning of 2016.

    I don’t want to lose my insurance.

    our income will be a lot less than we predicted it to be.

    I’m a little confused.

  3. We Have the silver 87 plan through Blue shield of covered California.

    If my husbands income dropped to 20.000 to 21.000 next yr. could we still keep our plan.

    I don’t want to go on medi-cal. I would lose my Dr.

  4. My money is becoming tight now. I have a silver plan 87 but I cannot turn in a claim for medication because I don’t have Medicare-B.

    So if I can change my insurance plan, to Bronze HSA ($489.51) is enough because out pocket of money is same as Silver plan on me.

    I have to pay whole money for medication.

    • Silver 87 INCLUDES Prescriptions, as they are one of the 10 essential benefits. Here’s a sample quote from our FREE Quote Engine that any of our CA website visitors can use or this one nationally. The Silver 87 plan covers Generics for $5, Preferred Brand Name for $20 after the $550 deductible, Non Preferred Brand Name $35 after deductible and Specialty Rx 15% Co-Insurance after deductible.

      While you are of Medicare Age, it’s my understanding that you have not lived in the USA for at least 5 years to qualify to buy Medicare on your own. Thus, you can get Covered CA subsides and Enhanced Silver on top of that.

      When you do have 5 years, we can check the rules… but it’s my belief that the rules says that you can get subsidies if you don’t have Medicare, not if you are eligible to buy. Even then, there are issues with the cost of Medicare Parts A & B which might put you over the limits based on your income…???

  5. Yeah hi.

    Saw you on the your ad on the Internet when I was looking at anthem. Cover California anthem PPO plans. I was curious what the difference was between the silver and the gold if there’s any differences aside from the premiums.

    I qualify for covered California and I just wanted to see if before I bought the silver enhanced enhanced(?) silver 87 that there wasn’t a better plan for me.

    My number is xxx my name is Bill.

    If you have a moment. Thank you.”

    • The first thing to do is get a FREE quote and subsidy calculation on our website. It’s all confidential, no other agents or vendors will get your email address. Here’s a SAMPLE comparison of Silver 87 Compared to Gold Anthem PPO. Just use the Free quote engine for your exact numbers.

      Gold is an 80% plan, thus Silver 87 is 7% better on an Actuarial basis. Please note that our quote engine says Silver 70, but it’s really 87. Just check our Metal Level page and verify the co-pays…

      What qualifying event trigger do you have, being as Open Enrollment is over?

      Once you get your quote, we should have all the information other than your Social Security # and Credit Card information that we need to set you up with Covered CA and get your subsidies.

      We’ve found that most customers can’t figure out the convoluted system Covered CA has to appoint an agent for those who have completed their application directly. We only get paid if you appoint us. Covered CA is not reimbursing us to maintain this website, quote engine or all the research and study.

      Here’s the instructions for those who already have completed their applications, but now want better and more accurate service.

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