Silver 94 next step up from Medi-Cal
Silver 94 next step up from Medi-Cal – Click to enlarge
Sample Complementary Quote
Sample Complementary Quote, FPL & Benefits  – Click to enlarge
Report Changes as they happen
Report Changes as they happen – Click to read

What if i make like $60 a month too much
to qualify for free medi-cal [Medicaid – Government Insurance].
Whats gonna happen?

You should be getting a letter from Medi-Cal informing you that  you no longer qualify.  Have you been informing Medi-Cal that you’ve had a change in income.  It’s a requirement!

Medi-Cal is not free.   There is no free lunch. Myself  and millions of others are paying  for Medi-Cal  health insurance from our earnings and taxes.  Medi-Cal was 23% of CA General Fund spending in 2012. Be thankful that you are earning more $$$. America is the land of opportunity.  Worse than the taxes, Covered CA expects their agents to enroll people in Medi-Cal at NO pay!!!

Use this complementary FPL, tax credit and benefits calculator to see what you qualify for in Covered CA.  Probably Silver 94 – which is better than platinum.

I guessed at your date of birth and here’s a summary of your quote.  The quote with more detail has been emailed to you. If you go with Molina, your premium is still ZERO!

Please note also that the FPL gets adjusted annually or so.  See the latest version towards the bottom of this page.  It’s possible that you still qualify for Medi-Cal.  Please be sure to adjust your estimated MAGI income in the calculator for an accurate FPL.

So, we just need a few more items and we can get your coverage going, at no extra charge to you.  Molina or what ever company you choose pays our consultation fee.

Advance Payments of Premium Tax Credit – Mandate to report changes within 30 days
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