What is Silver Loading? 

Why is it less $$ to buy a Silver Plan direct from an Insurance Company rather than Covered CA if you don’t qualify for subsidies?

Note that there is no extra charge to use an agent, either way.


Latest from CA Health Line 12.3.2015 ♦ 1.7.2016  Republican leaders in Congress said they will try to override the veto, [done 1.8.2016] on but it is likely that neither the House nor Senate has enough votes to successfully do so. GOP leaders said they plan to hold the override vote toward the end of this month (Kelly, USA Today, 1/6).



The budget reconciliation process allows legislation to advance through the Senate on a simple majority vote. The process can be used to target aspects of the ACA that address spending and revenue, meaning the technique could not uproot the entire law.

The House last month voted 240-189 to approve HR 3762, which aims to dismantle the ACA by repealing the law’s:

  • “Cadillac” and medical device taxes; and
  • Individual and employer mandates.  Learn More CA Health Line 11.20.2015

The Senate parliamentarian ruled that a budget reconciliation measure (HR 3762) that would dismantle the Affordable Care Act by repealing some of its major provisions can move forward,  CA Health Line 11.11.2015

The suit, authorized by House lawmakers in July 2014, contends that Congress never authorized the Department of Treasury’s payments to insurers for cost-sharing reductions  enhanced-silver.com to help low-income consumers pay for out-of-pocket costs such as coinsurance, copayments and deductibles.  While the case likely would not greatly affect the ACA, some consumers’ out-of-pocket spending could increase sharply if the cost-sharing subsidies are invalidated (California Healthline, 9/22).  “The House lawsuit undermines centuries of historical practice and the fundamental principles of our system of democratic government.” She added, “We are confident that the courts ultimately will dismiss this taxpayer-funded political stunt, which would make health care more expensive for millions of Americans” (The Hill, 10/19).   CA Health Line 10.20.2015


The House suit asks the court to declare that the president acted unconstitutionally in making payments to insurance companies under Section 1402 of the health care overhaul (PL 111-148, PL 111-152) and to stop the payments.

The dispute focuses on two sections of the health care law. The administration said it could make Section 1402 Offset Program payments from the same account as Section 1401 Refundable Tax Credit Program payments. House Republicans say the health care law doesn’t permit that.   Rollcall 9.21.2015

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