Please explain  the enhanced silver 87 plan

I don’t understand how this relates to the federal subsidy I am already receiving.

Is it in addition to that or instead of that?


Take a look at Silver and then look at Enhanced Silver 87.  Note the better benefits and lower co-pays and deductibles.

One can only get enhanced silver if they qualify by having a low income.  The upper middle class, has to buy platinum 90 or Gold 80, which is less than 94 or 87.

Before this court case house.of.representatives.vs.burwell.  the Federal Government was paying the cost of the extra benefits Cost Sharing Reductions.   Now they aren’t, as the court ruled it was illegal as congress did not appropriate the $$$.

Thus, the Silver premiums went up, as the better benefits are guaranteed by law.  However, the subsidies went up to under the complex formula in Section 1.36 B 3.

Thus, I just use my quote engine to figure the Enhanced Silver Level – CSR, subsidies and rates.


2018 Enhanced Silver Benefits
2018 Enhanced Silver Benefits – Click to enlarge


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