2018 Enhanced Silver Benefits
2018 Enhanced Silver Benefits – Click to enlarge
American Health Care Act Rev. 3.6.2017
American Health Care Act Rev. 3.6.2017 – This DonaldCARE act did NOT Pass

Do Subsidies APTC Premium Tax Credits still exist for 2018?


Yes.  It was the Federal Government’s CSR Cost Sharing Reduction or Enhanced Silver payments to the Insurance Companies that stopped.   The APTC Advance Premium Tax Credit * CFR Code of Federal Regulations §1.36 B still exists!

Thus, for those getting subsidies, while the premium is higher for Silver plans, the §1.36 B  credit still exists and will be higher.

The best way to see your 2018 premium is to use our free no obligation quote engine.

If you are not getting subsides, the Silver Plan will be less expensive outside of Covered CA.

Since the subsidy calculation is based on the 2nd lowest silver plan premium, this may make Bronze Premiums almost free.  Gold may become an excellent price.


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